Embed travel itineraries on your blog!

Posted by TripMapper | 15th August 2022

We've launched an incredible travel itinerary embed feature for bloggers!

Your audience wants to know the very best a destination has to offer from a trusted source; you! Embed a free itinerary in your blog or article to help readers plan their trips.

Why embed travel itineraries?

  • It's a quick win for everyone! In just one click, readers can copy your suggested itineraries into their TripMapper account and customise it to their liking.
  • Provides added value to your audience. You can embed travel itineraries and embed maps with TripMapper! That's right, we do both!
  • Take your visitor engagement to the next level, keeping them on your page and lowering your bounce rate.

Create itineraries for your travel guides now!

We’ve made embedding travel itineraries as simple as possible for creators because we know your time is precious and we've made it free!

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