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Posted by TripMapper | 26th August 2022

Want to save money on your hotel bookings? Well look no further! Introducing Room Steals.

Room Steals uses an innovative Chrome extension which shows you the discounted wholesale price for hotels you're searching on supported sites.

“Why should you pay hotel retail prices when you don't have to!? We believe you, like us, won't want to pay margins and commissions on hotel rates when you don’t have to. So, we've build this extension to increase price transparency, and that means you get to see the wholesale rate, not just the retail rate.” - Nate Ritter, co-founder of Room Steals.

To use the service you simply need to login, install the Room Steals Chrome extension and search for a hotel just as you normally would do on one of the supported sites (currently Google Hotels, Expedia, and

Once you’ve carried out your search, Room Steals will show you a pop up letting you know if there’s a cheaper, wholesale rate available. This service is all completely free!

When you find an awesome hotel rate you need to pay either a monthly ($17 per month) or yearly ($95 per year) subscription fee before you can book and get that incredible deal with Room Steals.

The great thing is you already know the discount and any applicable terms and conditions prior to paying the subscription fee, so if you’re going to save more on the hotel than the cost of the subscription, it’s absolutely worth it! Plus once you've paid the subscription fee those savings will just keep rolling in!

We wanted to try this out for ourselves so we did a quick search for the Nobu Hotel Barcelona in April 2023. offered a deluxe room for $1,814 (including taxes and fees) for 7 nights. Room Steals offered the same deluxe room for $1,692.29 (including taxes and fees), a saving of $121.71! The cancellation policies for both in this case were also very similar. Subscribing and booking through Room Steals would have been a no brainer!

Sign up to Rooms Steals today and book hotel rooms at wholesale prices now! Once booked, put your hotel details in your TripMapper itinerary! 🙌

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