Planning your trip - a step by step guide

Publicado por TripMapper | 20th May 2022

Planning your own trip may be a little daunting at first, but fear not travellers, TripMapper, the app to keep track of travel plans, is here to help! The travel companion you never knew you needed, until now!

TripMapper travel itinerary app

TripMapper is a must have tool when planning your trip - it has all your travel itinerary and budgeting needs covered. Take it from thousands of fellow travellers, its the best free itinerary planner out there, available on the web, iOS and Android.


Get started by signing up for a free TripMapper account. Once signed up you may use our 'Trip' plan for free, which is all you need to get started, or our premium 'Trip+' plan, taking your plans to the next level!

For those who want a few tips on how to make your money stretch further, we have a few ideas in our ‘Vacation budget: Helpful hints’ blog.


Create your itinerary using TripMapper

TripMapper is the simple and fun way to plan your next trip. Trust us, once you start using it it will be your travel companion for years to come! Happy planning!

Editor's note: During COVID-19 there are restrictions on travel. Check the latest guidance before booking and departing and always follow local health guidance.

You don't have to set dates in TripMapper until you are ready to do so! Just remember if you are keen to watch turtles hatching in Oman, observe the phenomenal northern lights in Iceland or view bears catch salmon in Canada, it is imperative to plan at the right time of year to avoid any disappointment!



Now the budget. Will it be a big blowout trip or do you have a modest budget? Whatever it may be you can still make the most amazing memories. Whether it is toasting marshmallows under a blanket of stars whilst camping, or having a hot chocolate during a sunrise game drive, both will bring a smile when you reminisce. Our advice is to have a sensible budget, know what you have to play with and do your best to stick to it. You do not want to run out of gas money before you have finished your road trip!

If you have a strict budget, there are so many clever tips which may allow your money to go a little further. Saving money on flights for example, may mean you can afford to go to that restaurant you were desperate to visit, or upgrade your hotel room.

EVERYTHING in one place

Say goodbye to that itinerary google sheets, TripMapper allows you to have everything in one app. Attach tickets and booking confirmations; set yourself and your travel companions tasks; receive alerts; and make notes.

Want the best iOS trip planner or the best Android trip planner 📱? Want a great desktop experience 💻? Need a travel budget app 💰? Then sign up for TripMapper, the best travel itinerary app out there 😉, to plan your trip and to stay in control of your travel budget! 🙌

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