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Time to plan your next adventure

TripMapper is a flexible cross-platform trip itinerary toolkit, designed to make organising your next getaway fun.

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Took this app for a test run at the end of last year, and just upgraded. It’s the best one out there, and thank you for bringing it to the world.

Gates, USA

This is the app I’ve been searching for! I have found it incredible to use.

iOS user, USA

Perfect for organizing trips☀️🌴

iOS user, France

I don’t write reviews, but have to give it up for these devs. Tripmapper is the best itinerary planner out there, not just because of current features, but because the devs are pro-actively responding to user feedback.

iOS user, USA

I absolutely love the app! Before I discovered your app I had a Google Sheet with dates and columns for different expenses/plans. Your app has everything I need and in a very transparent way.

iOS user, Slovenia

…This app is phenomenal and checks many of my boxes for trip planning...The app is smooth, easy to use, fast, responsive, and well designed.

iOS user, USA

It’s made my pre-trip planning so much easier with the budget tool and being able to add friends to it to share and collaborate on the itinerary.
Love it!

iOS user, USA

This has been a brilliant tool for planning a group trip…This has become a must-have for all our future trips!

iOS user, UK

The app is such a fantastic tool and makes my planner brain sing!

Sarah, USA

The essential travel companion

TripMapper has been tailor-made to be the perfect at-home & on-the-go tool to help you organise your next trip.


Card & list view

Choose your preferred itinerary layout and personalise it by adding your own images and notes.


Start & end times

Schedule your daily activities to make the most of every moment whilst on your trip.


Trip budgeting

Manage and track your spending both before and during your trip.


Offline mode

Access and view your itinerary without needing an internet connection.


Invite fellow travellers

Invite your travel companions to contribute to all your plans.


Manage tasks

Add tasks and set due dates so nobody forgets.



Attach tickets, booking confirmations and other useful information to your itinerary for easy access.


Currency conversion

Convert one currency to another for accurate budgeting. Please note we only convert currencies available to us via the European Central Bank.