Best Things to Do in Zion National Park

Posted by TripMapper | 11th May 2023

Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah, is a stunning display of nature's beauty. You can explore the iconic Narrows, where the Virgin River winds through slot canyons or hike to Angel's Landing for panoramic views. You'll be amazed by emerald pools, cascading waterfalls, and ancient rock formations. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or simply love nature, Zion National Park guarantees an unforgettable journey.

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Best Things to Do in Zion National Park

Your visit to Zion will be an unforgettable experience and well worth the visit! There are many incredible things to see and do in Zion National Park:

  • Embark on an unforgettable adventure by hiking the Narrows - a slot canyon of the Virgin River.
  • Experience the iconic and thrilling Angel's Landing hike, which offers breathtaking views of the park from a lofty vantage point.
  • Take on a challenging but worthwhile hike to Observation Point and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Zion Canyon.
  • Discover the captivating Emerald Pools trail, featuring a sequence of breathtaking waterfalls.
  • Drive or take the shuttle on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive to see stunning red rock formations and dramatic cliffs.
  • See Weeping Rock, a beautiful and natural alcove in the rocks.
  • Take a hike on the Canyon Overlook Trail for breathtaking views.
  • Visit the Kolob Canyons district where you'll see soaring peaks of Navajo sandstone, canyon streams and cascading falls.
  • Enjoy the Riverside Walk, a round-trip trail that follows the Virgin River and exhibits the park's wide range of flora and fauna.
  • Hike the Watchman Trail during sunset for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
Seasons in Zion National Park

March to May: Spring brings mild temperatures, blooming wildflowers, and the possibility of seeing waterfalls at their peak flow. It's an ideal time for hiking and exploring.

June to August: Summer is the peak tourist season with hot temperatures. However, it's a great time for canyoneering and enjoying the refreshing waters of the Virgin River.

September to November: Fall offers pleasant temperatures, vibrant fall foliage, and fewer crowds. It's an excellent time for hiking and photography.

December to February: Winter brings cooler temperatures, occasional snowfall, and fewer visitors. It's a peaceful time for hiking, but some trails may be closed or require special equipment.

The park has something to offer every month of the year so the best time to visit Zion varies depending on what you want to do and your personal preferences. Generally, spring and fall are the optimal seasons due to the comfortable weather, fewer crowds, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Image by Natali Quijano on Unsplash
Travelling Around Zion National Park

When visiting Zion National Park, the most efficient and eco-friendly way to get around is by taking advantage of the free park shuttle system. From early-spring until late-fall, riding a shuttle bus is the only way to visit Zion Canyon. Alternatively, you can drive your own vehicle along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, but parking may be limited during peak seasons. Bicycles are also allowed on certain roads and trails, providing another eco-friendly transportation option.

Best hikes in Zion National Park

There are many fantastic trails to explore if you want to experience the park's natural beauty by foot. Want to find the best trails or easiest hikes in Zion National Park? We recommend checking out the official national park website or AllTrails where you can find the perfect trail for your next trip to Zion National Park.

Zion National Park entrance fee

The cost to visit Zion National Park depends on the type of entrance pass or ticket you choose, the mode of transportation, the duration of your visit, and the activities you plan to do.

Zion National Park charges an entrance fee that grants you access to the park for a certain number of days. As of May 2023, the entrance fees were as follows:

  • Private vehicle - $35.00.
  • Motorcycle or snowmobile - $20.00
  • Individual (bicyclist, hiker, pedestrian) - $20.00

Check the official National Park Service website for more detailed information on fees. There may be additional charges for specific activities within the park.

Depending on your trip plans, an annual 'America the Beautiful' interagency pass can be great value. As of May 2023, the annual pass cost $80 for US citizens between 16-62 or international visitors. Each pass covers entrance fees at lands managed by the National Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service and also standard amenity fees (day use fees) at lands managed by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Army Corps of Engineers. A pass covers the pass owner and all occupants in a personal vehicle at sites that charge per vehicle or, the pass owner and up to three additional adults (16 and over) at sites that charge per person. Children ages 15 or under are admitted free.

Plan your trip to Zion National Park

Before you visit Zion National Park, we recommend checking the official National Park Service website for the most up-to-date information to confirm operating hours, weather, passes and fees, and any restrictions on road access, services and activities.

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