The Best Travel Accessories in 2023

Posted by TripMapper | 8th June 2023

Whether a short weekend getaway or a long adventure, having the best travel accessories helps ensure a smoother travel experience. We’ve curated a collection of 10 essential travel gear items, ranging from travel tech gadgets to luggage accessories, that you'll want to add to your packing list for your next trip.

Products featured on this blog are independently selected by the TripMapper team. However, when you buy something through our retail affiliate links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter

The all-in-one TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter encompasses all the features we look for in a travel adapter - compact, lightweight and powers up devices simultaneously! The 3 USB C and the 2 USB A ports are ideal for all your essential tech - laptop, smartphone, tablet, power bank and camera. In addition to the 5 USB ports, there is also a universal AC outlet that converts 4 different plugs - Type A, Type C, Type G and Type I, which covers over 200 countries.

Plus, for peace of mind, this adapter comes with two overload fuses (10A) for protection.

Amazon: TESSAN Universal Travel Plug Adaptor

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

AirFly is a wireless adapter that lets you use your wireless headphones or earbuds in places that only have a headphone jack. Plug the AirFly Pro Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone jack to listen to in-flight movies with your AirPods, Bose, Sony or other noise-cancelling wireless headphones.

AirFly Pro connects with 2 pairs of AirPods or wireless headphones and you'll get up to 25+ hours of battery.

Amazon: AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Give yourself some added peace of mind with a lightweight digital luggage scale. Designed to weigh suitcases up to 50kgs (110 pounds), this scale deviates no more than 0.01kg, meaning you get an accurate read. Just attach the strap to your luggage handle, pull up to suspend the luggage, and the LCD display will show the weight reading. An inexpensive and super useful travel gadget to have to hand before leaving for the airport!

Amazon: FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Bellroy Tech Kit

If like us you don't travel without your tech accessories, then you must check out the Bellroy Tech Kit, the perfect pouch for organising and storing all your tech accessories without getting the cords tangled.

It may be on the pricey side, but in our view, it's worth it for the very thoughtful design and high-quality construction and materials. We love that it features premium, environmentally certified leather, and durable, water-resistant woven fabric, made from recycled materials.

Amazon: Bellroy Tech Kit

Apple AirTag

When Apple created the AirTag as a way of keeping track of personal belongings, it wasn't long before air travellers began discreetly slipping the little gadget into their luggage, keeping tabs on its location in the Find My app. Since 2022 it has been the must-have travel accessory and the saviour for travellers whose luggage never made it to the intended destination!

Amazon: Apple AirTag

Airalo eSIM

Airalo solves the pain of high roaming bills! The TripMapper team are fans, having recently used their eSIMs (digital SIM cards) in Vietnam, Cambodia and USA. With eSIMs from Airalo, travellers simply need to download the Airalo app, choose the destination, install and then activate the eSIM. Global data connectivity is affordable and easy with Airalo.

Airalo eSIM

Anker Power Bank USB-C Portable Charger

The versatility and convenience of power banks make them an indispensable companion for travellers seeking reliable power solutions during long flights, road trips, or when exploring remote destinations.

With a portable power bank you can ensure that your devices stay charged and functional, allowing you to stay connected, capture precious moments, navigate unfamiliar territories, or access important information on the go.

Anker offers a fantastic range of powerful and innovative portable power banks. As the name suggests, the Anker PowerCore Slim is super slim and compact, has high-speed charging (charges an iPhone 12 to 50% in just 30 minutes) and has a helpful LED light-wheel to display battery level. It is also built with a fireproof exterior, advanced temperature control and overcharge protection to offer a safer charging experience.

Amazon: Anker PowerCore Slim Portbale Charger

Paravel Packing Cube Quad

If you tend to rearrange your suitcase multiple times on a trip then packing cubes are well worth the investment. Separate your clothes and travel items in perfectly packed cubes, keeping your belongings organised, easily accessible and freshly folded or rolled. They are also great for separating dirty clothes from clean clothes.

There are plenty of great cubes out there to choose from but we love the Paravel packing cubes for their timeless aesthetic, good quality and sustainability credentials (they use upcycled and recycled materials in 100% of their products).

Paravel Packing Cube Quad

Flexo-Line Clothesline

The Flexo-Line Clothesline is an efficient way to dry your clothes on those longer trips. No clothes pegs are necessary because the braided strands pinch the fabric to hold items in place. It can hold up to 4.5kg (12 pounds) of wet clothing and stretches up to 7 feet. It's durable, lightweight and easy to use.

Amazon: Flexo-Line

TRIPPED Hanging Toiletry Set

Whether you're packing heavy or light, a travel toiletry bag is ideal for the super-organised traveller. We love the 3 piece hanging, customisable toiletry set made by travellers 'Tim and Fin' for travellers.

It is clear that this set has been very thoughtfully designed - they have thought of everything! We love the various compartments and pockets, the hook for hanging to save counter space, the catch-all bag for longer items and the clear detachable pouch.

Amazon: TRIPPED Hanging Toiletry Set

Mini First Aid Kit

A mini first aid kit can provide peace of mind, knowing that basic medical supplies are readily available in case of emergencies. This is particularly important when travelling to remote or unfamiliar locations where access to medical facilities might be limited. For maximum efficiency and portability, this basic first aid kit is great for use when on the go.

Amazon: Mini First Aid Kit

AFFILIATE LINKS: Products featured on this blog are independently selected by the TripMapper team. However, when you buy something through our retail affiliate links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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